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What is MyEDGE?

MyEDGE is a digital teaching and learning tool that enables online and offline access to interactive K-12 contents in English, Mathematics, and Science. Its contents promote engagement and mastery through interactive lessons, assessment activities, and numerous practice exercises.

MyEDGE Tools

MyEDGE includes tools such as an e-book reader and a Learning Management System (LMS). It delivers e-textbooks or e-books and interactive digital teaching, learning, and assessment contents for preschool to senior high school students..

Learning Management System

The MyEDGE Learning Management System (LMS) is an app designed to empower teachers and engage learners. It has tools and resources needed to deliver online courses and classroom instruction, create and manage content, track student performance, communicate with students, and customize learning.

What's Inside

Interactive Lessons and Assestments

e-Textbooks or e-books


Authoring Tool

Abiva Textbook Samples

Teacher’s Guides and Curriculum Maps

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Make teaching and learning fun, engaging, and effective for teachers and students through digital tools that innovate education.


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MyEDGE is dedicated to helping instructors and students with online and offline teaching and learning, and offers different support options. The following resources and support options will help you get started with the MyEDGE app and ensure that your experience is pleasant and rewarding.

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